Monday, January 17, 2011

Making Money While RVing Full Time

So I know alot of people probably ask the same question. How can I make money while Im on the road. This is the Number 1 thing thats stops everyone from taking that big leap. I can't speak for everyone but Im gonna tell you exactly how I make money while Im on the road with my family. Remember Ive got a girlfriend, 2 1/2 year old son, and 2 pets to take care of. I've learned how to live really really cheap but I still like to make money to really enjoy life. So here it goes. I sell a toy called the Slidey that most people have never seen or heard of. I go to fairs, festivals, and even fleamarkets and make a killing with this thing. On a normal day, I can pull about $1000 with this toy and you didn't miss read that I didn't say $100, I said $1,000 a day, on a good day you can make $5,000 or more. I know that probably sounds crazy and alot of people just wont believe that but yes this thing can pull in some dollars. Anytime we go to a new location, I just look up the nearest busy fleamarket in the area. Most markets are within a 50 mile radius, so we don't travel to far to work. But we work usually on saturday and sunday since most fleamarkets are open on the weekends. I just show up pick what looks like is going to be a busy spot set up my canopy, table, and sign and throw my slideyz on the table. I just play with it in front of people and show them all the tricks it can do. I sell these things for $8, 2 for $15 or 3 for $20. The average person buys 2 of them so I make about $15.00 per sale. The great part is that they are really cheap wholesale, only about $1.25 a piece so, If I make $1000 almost all of its pure profit. My only downfall is that I am not a very motivated person when it comes to working. Ill work for a weekend make $2,000 and not work again for a month sometimes. Your probably reading this saying your crazy, If I made that kind of money I would be working every weekend. And most people would, but Ive been pitching this toy since I was 15 years old and kind of burnt out on it, so I work as little as possible. Anyway If you don't believe me about how cool this thing is, and how much money you can make selling this thing when you travel. Ive posted a link below of exactly how this thing looks in action. Other than this I have a website called that I hire people from around the U.S to sell magazines door to door and that does pretty good to, so if you want to sell this toy and make some bank or if you want to sell magaiznes why you travel and make some money just email me at and say something like hey how can I get started selling the Slidey or Magazines and Ill show you exactly how. I sell a training DVD that teaches you exactly how to pitch this thing. Remember guys, Im not a bullshitter, Everything I say is true, besides how could I make this stuff up. 

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